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Price Protection

What is price protection?

Price Protection means that if you make a purchase on the ChicKiss Hair ( website and there is a price reduction on the same item (excluding discounts related to payment methods), you can submit a price protection request and ChicKiss Hair will give you the equivalent of the difference in value according to the policy below.

1. The same commodity refers to the commodity number, commodity specification, commodity model, commodity color, commodity sales method (including but not limited to the minimum purchase unit, the number of single purchase, whether there is a gift) and other commodity attribute parameters are identical, any one of the commodity attribute parameters change, are not the same commodity, do not support price protection.

2. The difference is calculated according to the actual amount paid by the customer.

Price protection cycle: Price protection can be applied for within 30 days after the order is received.

Application Method: Email us at and let us know your order number and the products you purchased.

Difference gift method: After successful application, you need to provide a paypal account, we will process the difference within 24 hours

(1) the order sign-off time to logistics sign-off time shall prevail. Price protection cut-off time is calculated to days, for example: if the order logistics sign-off time for January 1, then can support the price protection time up to January 30.

(2) the price of the product when applying for price protection to your application or feedback when the product page shows the ChicKiss hair price shall prevail.

(3) If a refund occurs for an order that has successfully applied for price protection, the price protection amount will be deducted before the refund.

Does not support the price protection scenario.

1. non ChicKiss hair website ( purchase of goods do not support price protection.

2. invalid orders do not support price protection, such as orders that have been applied for cancellation or have been deleted, etc..

3. orders that have applied for after-sales service orders do not support price protection.

4. Price protection is not supported when the order is not paid.

5. when applying for price protection, the goods are participating in flash sales, goods beyond the limited number of cases do not support price protection.

6. the goods themselves as a gift does not support price protection.

7. the web page has a special description of the goods do not support price protection.